Why are new things so exciting?

There’s always that sense of joy, of expectation, of unadulterated hope. 

Since this is my first blog post here, I figure I’ll lay out what I plan to accomplish with this blog. I’d love to connect with other people, readers, writers, and/or people with similar interests.

I am a person of eclectic interests. While my first literary love is literary fiction, classics come in a close second. But then I get a bit crazy. A fantasy every now and then, an historical fiction (or two or three), a mystery, a horse racing book, a Christian fiction, non-fiction about someone I admire… Being in two book clubs has helped me expand my horizons further, and helped me to be more critical of what I read (not sure I needed much help with that, but…it does help in writing my own novels).

I plan on using this blog to chronicle my writing journey, share some (hopefully) interesting tidbits of information I find while researching subjects in my novels, posting writing quotes and/or quotes by authors, post book reviews, etc. Anything pertaining to writing and reading is fair game.

So I hope you enjoy my blog posts, and please, leave a note to let me know you stopped by. I love connecting with readers!