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Apparently I missed the first mid-week check-in, so I’m checking in Sunday instead.

Writing goals:

1. Over the past week, I’ve been reading my current WIP, simply because with a baby who just turned seven months old yesterday, keeping track of what I’ve already written is sometimes a daunting task. In my periodic writing of late, I’m at a point where I need to know what information I’ve already told the reader so that I’m not a) repeating myself, b) assuming they know something they don’t, c) being inconsistent with my facts pertaining to setting, description, or backstory, and d) missing points on my revision outline.

2. I’ve also been plugging away reading the book for my online course at Writers’ Village University (starting October 28th), which is highly pertinent to me right now, as it’s focused on revision and getting a manuscript ready for an agent. That’s my ultimate goal with this WIP, even though I have [many] moments of doubt about its publishability. (Is it unique enough? Is my voice/style/je ne sais quoi enough to catch an agent’s attention? Do I know my genre well enough? Do I write well enough? Argh!)

The book I’ve been reading, to get back to the point, is Manuscript Makeover by Elizabeth Lyons, and so far it’s given me a mild panic attack. How am I supposed to pay attention to all of these things in my revisions? And how am I supposed to get the time with a seven-month-old to revise in the first place? Not to mention several revisions in order to pay attention to all of these things…

I’ve also been thinking, upon reflection of the way my past week went, that 1 hour a day might be a very ambitious goal, especially with this little thing called “life” in my way.

3. Well, I’ve already slipped behind a bit in my posting, but I’m trying! As long as I can write most of my posts ahead of time and just add the blog hop link after my post goes live, I should be able to stay on top of things!

4. I have one blog post scheduled for this blog already, and I’m working (in my spare time) on a second for this month.

5. I have already been checking out others’ blogs, and I think I commented on one or two. So that makes me feel highly accomplished!

Non-writing goals:

1. Saturday my husband and I spent a good part of the day organizing the house after a very relaxing Friday evening, thanks only to my mother taking our son for the night. (After a week with a snotty, coughing, not-sleeping child, this break was a God-send.)

2. Organizing is so slow going for me at the moment. I have several areas that I’d like to organize: my office, the master bathroom, the guest room, the garage… I still want to get there, but it’s not highest priority.

3. So far my “winter activity” with my son has been bundling him up, going outside for a few minutes, and taking care of things like shoveling the deck, or “playing” in the snow while I throw the frisbee for the dog. It works, although it’s not that enjoyable, it certainly gets me out of the house with the baby.

4. I’ve been reading to my son every day, which has been great. I want to teach him a love for reading from infancy, but I’ve too often not read to him. I read to myself all the time, while I’m feeding him, rocking him to sleep, etc. So he needs to be a part of that habit, for I want him to love books. Most of the time, he does like to be read to. Other times, he just wants to literally devour the book. (Give him a break; he’s teething.)

5. I have been reading daily. Thanks to the Kobo and Kindle apps, I almost always have a book at my fingertips. I’m currently rereading HP #3, reading Manuscript Makeover, listening to Outlander via Audible, and paused on Caveat Emptor by Ruth Downie.

Overall, it’s been a pretty productive week despite the severe sleep deprivation and nap times spent holding my sick son. Hopefully, I can keep up this momentum and continue to chip away on my goals!

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