Well this week has been busy already. Shown by the fact that it’s Wednesday afternoon where I am and I still haven’t posted my mid-week check-in!

But… We finished the garage! (Well except for a couple of boxes that don’t have a permanent home, but those don’t really count.)

Here is the list I came up with at the beginning of RoW80, just a short week ago.

Writing based goals:

1. Edit to at least the halfway mark of my current WIP.
2. Scrounge about 1 hour a day to work on a class I just signed up for. (Lasts from the end of October to the end of the year.)
3. Maintain the weekly blog check-ins for Row80.
4. Write two writing blog posts on this blog every month.
5. Comment weekly on others’ blogs.

Non-Writing based goals:
1. Finish unpacking this house!
2. Organize the house.
3. Come up with some winter activity to do with an infant in order to maintain my sanity.
4. Read daily to my infant son.
5. Read daily for my own pleasure.

1. I am still plugging away at this, though not nearly as fast as I might like. My rereading of my draft has been put aside by things like reading for my online course, (see #2). Since I can do that reading electronically, and have printed out the first hundred pages of my WIP, I need the physical copy of my WIP, which often doesn’t happen when I have a few minutes to spare.

2. I have been reading the book for this class: Manuscript Makeover by Elizabeth Lyon. It’s good, with many practical tips to edit your novel. So while I’m enjoying it, it’s dense reading in all that I should be absorbing, and it’s hard to read in fragments of time like I have.

3. Done!

4. Done!

5. Um…yes, I commented on a blog just the other day. So I am not being a lurker!

Non-Writing goals:
1. We pretty much unpacked everything. No more “unpacked” boxes. Now it’s just a matter of organizing.

2. Organizing has yet to happen… I do think about it often though….

3. A winter activity….right now it is fetch with the dog. I bundle up the baby and head outside to run off some of the dog’s energy. It works!

4. Read to son, done daily!

5. Read for myself, yes!

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