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It’s week 3, I have to get creative with my blogging titles, right?

To be honest, titles have never been my strength. There are some people who have great talent at titles and epithets, but, alas, that is not me.

So I’ve been chugging along on my RoW80 goals (originally posted here), and I’m loving how much this challenge motivates me to be able to say I have met a goal this week.

My online class begins soon (the 28th), and I’m getting a bit concerned about how I’ll be able to devote the supposed hour a day that I need (writing goal 2). I mean, with an infant around, there is so much to do during the day that it seems I’ll never get it done. And getting a nap time to accomplish something is more like an unexpected gift than a guarantee at this point. Granted, he naps for 45 minutes at a time, but that’s the time I need to get things done around the house, pick up the tornado that my son (and I) left behind while playing or run errands without a crying baby or fold the laundry. So an hour a day is going to be a huge commitment that has me a bit worried. It’s not really an option for me to stay up late after he goes to bed because he’s still not sleeping very well, and I need the sleep in order care for him all day. Still, I know I’ll find a way, it’s just that I’ll have to sacrifice something in order to do it. Only problem is, I don’t know what that sacrifice can be. It’s not like I really “waste” my time lately.

Blogging (writing goals 3, 4, & 5) has gone well–I’ve actually blogged above my goal, and commented on others’ blogs; a part of me wonders if this blogging binge I’m on is actually an avoidance technique of mine. I find myself blogging instead of editing my WIP (writing goal 1), or writing new material. So perhaps it’s a good thing that this course begins soon–it’ll get my butt in gear to focus on my own writing career again.

Outdoor activity (non-writing goal 3) for me has routinely been playing fetch with the dog. Baby goes in the Ergo carrier, and we both trek outside to throw the frisbee for awhile. It passes the time and exercises the dog, so that has worked out well for me. It also gets me out of the house. Sadly, my desire to get out of the house has also led me to utilize nap time 1 or 2 by grocery shopping or running some other kind of errand just to pass the day.

Reading to both my son and myself (non-writing goals 4 & 5) has been easy to stick to, but I find that having reading to my son as a goal has encouraged me to pick up his board books and read when his toys get boring.

My only other goals, organizing the house (2), and unpacking the rest of the house (1), have mixed results. Organizing hasn’t really happened at all. Although I love an organized home, I haven’t quite been able to give up a chunk of my day to sacrifice to cleaning and organizing. Unpacking, well, there aren’t any boxes left, so I’m going to officially cross that off the list as completed (yay! that feels good!).


Time to update my goals then!

Writing based goals:

1. Edit to at least the halfway mark of my current WIP.
2. Scrounge about 1 hour a day 45 minutes a day to work on a class I just signed up for. (Lasts from the end of October to the end of the year.)
3. Maintain the weekly blog check-ins for Row80.
4. Write two writing blog posts on this blog every month.
5. Comment weekly on others’ blogs.
6. Keep a personal journal. I started this a month or two ago, but have fallen out of practice. I’d like to journal about every other day, just a quick one-page in my Moleskin in order to dump about my day.

Non-Writing based goals:

1. Finish unpacking this house!
2. Organize the house.
3. Come up with some winter activity to do with an infant in order to maintain my sanity. (To be revisited when the temperatures drop below zero and I can no longer safely take my son outside)
4. Read daily to my infant son.
5. Read daily for my own pleasure.
6. I would like to bake my way through The Bread Baker’s Apprentice book by Peter Reinhart. I want to perfect my bread baking technique, and think a loaf of bread a week would be a doable goal (both for my waistline and my time commitment). There are about forty or fifty recipes in this book, so I won’t finish it for awhile unless I double up some months.
7. Be more diligent about studying my Bible. I want need to do this daily, and have been slacking. Perhaps putting it as a goal will make me more committed.

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