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Ugh. We’re sleep training. Do you know what that means? It means I listen to a screaming baby a lot. (Well, he’s actually not that bad, but he did get me up earlier than I liked this morning.) We’re hoping that, since our other methods of sleep training haven’t worked, that we can get this little guy to stop waking up four times a night. It’s exhausting!

Anyway, I suppose that’s my excuse for not getting to this until now. At least it’s still Sunday…

Without further ado, a look back at my week:

Spent the first day or so in Anchorage, didn’t do much. Kind of caught up by Wednesday, at least enough to pretend I’d accomplished things.

Since then, I’ve decided that I should give NaNoWriMo a shot this year, but what I plan on doing is simply rewriting a prior NaNo novel (which is actually writing goal 1). I really need to work on this second draft, but it’s just not flowing the way I’ve been working on it, and I think the problem is that I’m trying to start by simply editing the first draft directly. Instead, I’m going to retype the entire thing, editing as I go, and see where that gets me. It’s already led me to some good changes, and shows me what I don’t see when I reread something. I guess in some ways, it’s like reading the script aloud: I hear what’s missing. Since starting this, I’ve written about 1500 words, cutting entire paragraphs I thought were okay and revising sentences I thought I liked. It’s actually quite eye-opening. It also makes revising a little less overwhelming right now.

I have only journaled once, so that’s a pretty poor record on goal 6, but I’m caught up on 3 & 4, and, after posting this blog, will head over to comment on others’ blogs (goal 5). My writing class starts this Tuesday, so I’ll be trying to fit in at least 45 minutes a day for that (goal 2)…I’m guessing my evenings will probably be used for most of that time, but perhaps I’ll get more reliable nap times to work on things.

In non-writing goals, I’ve been better about the Bible reading (non-writing goal 7), not managing every day, but probably 4/7 days. And tonight I started the soaker for the first bread out of The Bread Baker’s Apprentice (non-writing goal 6). With any luck, I’ll have started on that goal by tomorrow! Yay!

I’ve continued to do pretty well with reading to myself and my son for pleasure (non-writing goals 4 & 5), but still haven’t worked on organizing the house (non-writing goal 2). It’s just been too busy. So that is still in the back of my mind, but right now, just keeping up on nap times and laundry and writing is too overwhelming to think of much more.

The only goal I would add at this point is to be more diligent about planning meals and utilizing my time wisely. Meal planning and having crock-pot freezer meals ready to put in once or twice a week will really save me time and allow me to write more. I also really need to get back into the exercising routine. Half an hour isn’t too much, right?

Revised goals:

Writing based goals:

1. Edit to at least the halfway mark of my current WIP.
2. Scrounge about 45 minutes a day to work on a class I just signed up for. (Lasts from the end of October to the end of the year.)
3. Maintain the weekly blog check-ins for Row80.
4. Write two writing blog posts on this blog every month.
5. Comment weekly on others’ blogs.
6. Keep a personal journal. I started this a month or two ago, but have fallen out of practice. I’d like to journal about every other day, just a quick one-page in my Moleskin in order to dump about my day.

Non-Writing based goals:

1. Finish unpacking this house!
2. Organize the house.
3. Come up with some winter activity to do with an infant in order to maintain my sanity. (To be revisited when the temperatures drop below zero and I can no longer safely take my son outside)
4. Read daily to my infant son.
5. Read daily for my own pleasure.
6. I would like to bake my way through The Bread Baker’s Apprentice book by Peter Reinhart. I want to perfect my bread baking technique, and think a loaf of bread a week would be a doable goal (both for my waistline and my time commitment). There are about forty or fifty recipes in this book, so I won’t finish it for awhile unless I double up some months.
7. Be more diligent about studying my Bible. I want need to do this daily, and have been slacking. Perhaps putting it as a goal will make me more committed.
8. Meal plan weekly.
9. Exercise at least twice a week (by this I mean running or weights, or something more than walking).

I realize, in looking back over these goals, I need to devise some more goals that I can actually cross off the list. Instead, I have all these goals that are really life changes and constant monitoring of my time. While that’s not bad, I’ll have to think of something that I can cross off the list as I go so that I feel like I’m accomplishing more!

With that, I’m off to write!


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