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Well, it’s Wednesday already. Thank goodness.

I feel somewhat accomplished for this week–I started running again! I cannot explain how satisfied that makes me feel. Even though my legs hurt and I’m a slooow runner (and will be for quite some time, I imagine), running/exercise was the one thing I had yet to work back into my schedule post-baby. I had attempted, and I had even done pretty well for a little while there, with periodic runs or workouts, but I had no staying power, and no real excitement to hit the trails. It was work, it was sacrifice, giving up a nap time to devote to exercise. Who wants to do that?

But, I’ve decided I have to exercise. Not only for my health, but for my sanity. It was the guilt I had after talking to a new friend and the realization that I kept making excuses for why I wasn’t running which finally made me realize I needed to start back up. I’m done with excuses! 😉 For now, at least. Until I fall off the wagon again.

So, on to the goals of this week, as revised on Sunday’s post.

Writing goals… I’ve received my online writing class assignments and finished the first one. There are five, each with a separate due date, which I wasn’t expecting. So today I have to get an assignment written, one which I’ve been procrastinating on because I can’t find exactly what I want to model my piece on. I’m supposed to pick a paragraph from a favorite writer and model a paragraph of my own after it. Well, I think I’ve picked a book to use, but I can’t find the right paragraph! And after that, I still have to write it! It’s a good thing my mom comes over to babysit on Wednesday afternoons, as I think I’ll need today to finish this assignment! So, 1/5 assignments done there on writing goal 2.

Writing goal 1: I have been editing my current WIP, but I didn’t get anything done on it yesterday. Baby had a doctor’s appointment, and hubby and I went out to lunch afterwards. So that took most of the day, and then when I got home, I started trying to work on my writing assignments for goal 2, and…it just didn’t happen. But I’m about 1600 words into this draft now, which I am writing from scratch. I’ve only been averaging a few hundred words a day, which won’t cut it for NaNo, so I’m going to have to figure out how to devote more time to that!

Writing goal 3: maintain RoW80 check-ins. Done.

Writing goal 4: I haven’t written any more non-RoW80 posts for this blog yet…I have one scheduled for tomorrow, but after that, I’ve got to get cracking on this goal again.

Writing goal 5: Commenting on others’ blogs. I do what I can. I feel like I’ve been managing to stay afloat on this one. I think.

Writing goal 6: Keeping a personal journal. I have been better about this. My entries aren’t long, but they are there. I wrote twice this week already.

Non-writing goal 2: Organizing. Um…why is this still a goal of mine? It’s a daily thing, really… But it’s more like this goal should be “keep a clean house.” But even that is laughable. I dislike clutter, my husband dislikes clutter, and yet with a baby…clutter feels inevitable. That said, our house is probably cleaner than most. But there are definitely places I need to clean. The master bathroom is one which bothers me a lot, so that’s something that I think will go on the weekend list, and the pantry is the next on that list. So I think those two will be my small goals within the goal to work for this coming week.

Non-writing goal 4: I’ve been pretty good at reading to my son, but I have forgotten a day or two. We’ve been kind of busy lately, running around town and stuff, so sitting there with him and reading hasn’t happened quite as much.

Non-writing goal 5: Reading for my own pleasure has taken a back seat to me trying to finish Manuscript Makeover for my online course. I still read a few pages of whatever I want while feeding my son, but even that has gotten harder to do as he gets more mobile.

Non-writing goal 6: I baked my first recipe from the The Bread Baker’s Apprentice yesterday! Well, I started it Sunday, and worked on the bread all day Monday, then refrigerated the loaves overnight because I didn’t have time to bake them Monday. So I baked them yesterday morning, and they turned out well.

Non-writing goal 7: Bible study. I am doing better on this. I have been much more consistent, working my way through a reading plan on the Olive Tree Bible App. I’ve been reading almost every day, so I feel good about that.

Non-writing goal 8: Meal plan. I actually did that this week. I planned several meals this week, a lot based on food we already had, so it kept the cost down. (Although somehow when I go to the store, it still ends up costing more than I thought… I think moving has made a lot of things disappear and new things be needed!) So that feels under control as well, which feels great.

Non-writing goal 9: Exercise twice a week. Well, I feel great about this one–I’ve already run twice this week! On Monday and this morning. So I feel quite accomplished.

Overall, this has been a productive week, and looking at these goals really makes me remember how much I have been able to accomplish, despite having a little one, and despite having so much else competing for my time.



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