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Yes, today is Wednesday. I promised myself I would do a proper check-in today, to make up for the abysmal check-in I did on Sunday. Alas, I hardly remembered today was Wednesday except now. So my “proper” check-in may not be a “proper” one at all.

Instead of lamenting my absentmindedness, I will go on.

Let me just start by recapping my goals…

Writing based goals:

1. Edit to at least the halfway mark of my current WIP.
2. Scrounge about 45 minutes a day to work on a class I just signed up for. (Lasts from the end of October to the end of the year.)
3. Maintain the weekly blog check-ins for Row80.
4. Write two writing blog posts on this blog every month.
5. Comment weekly on others’ blogs.
6. Keep a personal journal. I started this a month or two ago, but have fallen out of practice. I’d like to journal about every other day, just a quick one-page in my Moleskin in order to dump about my day.

Non-Writing based goals:

1. Finish unpacking this house!
2. Organize the house.
3. Come up with some winter activity to do with an infant in order to maintain my sanity. (To be revisited when the temperatures drop below zero and I can no longer safely take my son outside)
4. Read daily to my infant son.
5. Read daily for my own pleasure.
6. I would like to bake my way through The Bread Baker’s Apprentice book by Peter Reinhart. I want to perfect my bread baking technique, and think a loaf of bread a week would be a doable goal (both for my waistline and my time commitment). There are about forty or fifty recipes in this book, so I won’t finish it for awhile unless I double up some months.
7. Be more diligent about studying my Bible. I want need to do this daily, and have been slacking. Perhaps putting it as a goal will make me more committed.
8. Meal plan weekly.
9. Exercise at least twice a week (by this I mean running or weights, or something more than walking).

Writing goals:

1. I am using NaNo as an excuse to edit my WIP, and it’s going well. Indeed, that’s where my focus has been this past week, in an attempt to get through the required 1667 words a day. (Yesterday was the only day I made it so far though.)

2. This week’s assignment for this course is not as heavy as I expected, and so 45 minutes a day really isn’t required. I’m working on the scenes I need to submit by Saturday and Sunday, and I expect to have them well in order by then as it’s less than 1000 words required entirely. The assignment does require me to write outside my typical genre, so there is a certain amount of stretching required to complete this assignment.

3. Ugh. This week I really haven’t done well in keeping up with RoW80 posts. They’ve been very spur of the moment, something I need to improve on.

4. I need to start thinking of new blog posts for this blog and write them. That’s another thing to do this week…

5. I have been commenting on others’ blogs, even if it’s late, so that’s at least good!

6. Ohh, I kind of forgot about this one again.

Non-writing goals:

2. This past week I did organize the pantry, which feels fantastic to have accomplished.

4. Man, this has gone by the wayside too. I did read a little bit to him today, but I’ve been so busy doing other things that I haven’t made this a priority.

5. Even my own reading has gone down a bit. I’ve hardly had time to open the Kindle or Kobo apps on my phone.

6. I have, however, been bread baking. Just baked a second loaf today, and it turned out great! (Greek Celebration Bread, yum!)

7. I’ve been slacking again in the Bible reading area. It pains me to write that, but it’s true. A lot of times I forget until I crawl into bed at 9 p.m., and then it’s a matter of trying to get through a chapter or two before I fall asleep. Not the best method, really.

8. Meal plan. I forgot to do this this week too, so next week!

9. Exercise. I’ve been doing great at this one. Walks, runs, I’m there. I ran two miles today without stopping, almost half of it uphill, so I’m getting back into shape, slowly but surely! Today was a 7ºF run, and I was plenty warm with my gear too, so that’s reassuring.


And that’s all the goals. I think I’m doing okay in keeping up with them, but this week was definitely not as productive as the last.


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