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Well, it’s Sunday. That means it’s time for RoW80 checkin.


I’ve been doing okay this week. My class had four assignments, three of which I’ve done and turned in. The fourth is something I keep forgetting about, and so I need to get to work on it. None of the assignments have taken the amount of time suggested, so either they just make sense to me, or I’m not putting in the amount of time I should. Probably both. But I’m turning them in on time, so that’s what counts, I guess.

NaNo continues to monopolize my time, although after this weekend, I’ve fallen behind again. I had caught up for a day or so there, but Saturday was a completely unproductive day for me, unfortunately. It’s strange how when you have all the time you need, writing somehow doesn’t come as easily as it usually does. Using NaNo to rewrite my novel is challenging in ways I wasn’t quite expecting. The pressure to complete a certain amount of words a day means that the emphasis isn’t on quality scenes, but on words alone. And with a rewrite, I prefer to have quality scenes. So I find myself pushing forward when I’m not sure I’m ready to push forward. It’s good in that I get myself through a lot of material, but it’s bad that now, I’m realizing I haven’t spent the time on some vital scenes that I need to build up.


In other words, I think I may not win NaNo this year. If I really wanted to pound out the words, I could, but I don’t want just words on a page this year. I want a novel that’s revised and closer to submission than before. So I am thinking of taking it slower and focusing on writing the scenes as they need to be written, good grammar, character development, etc, and not worrying about making it to 50K this month. I’ve already written over 20K, and at a point where I need to focus on making it the best it can be, not simply blaze on and make it to 50K.

Other goals are going about the same as last week. I haven’t had the chance to bake any more bread, but that’s probably a good thing for my weight. I have been running weekly, at least three times a week, and walking other days with my son. So that, at least, feels like I’ve accomplished something tangible.

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