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Can anyone say “overcommitted?” That’s how it’s felt lately. I’ve been so busy living, and keeping the kid alive that RoW80 updates have been forgotten. I should probably schedule a reminder…


Anyway, the week has flown by, thanks partly to my husband having an out-of-town business trip and me single parenting a couple of days. Talk about exhausting.

I’ve surrendered to my first-ever loss at NaNoWriMo, but not because I absolutely couldn’t do it, but because it was too stressful to attempt 1600+ words a day during inconsistent nap times. Also, I wasn’t happy with the quality of my words when I was struggling just to get them on the page, considering I have been using this NaNo as a motivator to edit a previous NaNo novel. (Technically against “the rules” of NaNo, I believe.) It’s a bittersweet surrender, but I think it’s the wisest choice for my sanity. November is always a hard month, considering the lead up to the holidays and all the stress that comes with it. Not to mention this year’s commitment to another online course which has me writing short assignments nearly every other day (sometimes more). It’s challenging to keep up, and has led to me feeling rather overcommitted. So NaNo is the thing to go.

However, that doesn’t mean that I’m giving up on my WIP edits. No, I’m still plugging away, and have written something on it nearly every day of November. Granted, there was one recent day where my day’s total was a big, fat, zero, but for the most part, I’ve been doing a few hundred words a day. And trust me when I say that takes a lot of time at this point. I’ve suffered a bit of “writer’s block,” the type where you sit down at the computer and stare at the screen with no idea what to type, hating every word that ends up on the page. For my mental health, I’ve done a lot of bread baking and baby food pureeing. Fun, no?

So my bread baking goal is going well. I baked bagels this week, and they were awesome. The only non-awesome part was the moment where my Kitchen Aid mixer started smoking. Seriously. Apparently bagel dough is too stiff for it. But despite my under-mixed bagel dough, they turned out amazing, and they passed the days of single parenting easily. Yesterday, I made some pretty good pizza dough, and got a few frozen pizzas out of it by making 8 personal-sized pizzas instead of two big ones.

Unfortunately, my son has developed a cold, which means that I am constantly getting snotted on, and he’s more fussy than normal. It makes getting things done harder in this latter part of the week, and we’re debating going to a chili-feed fundraiser up at UAF tonight for dinner. It would be a return to my old haunt, a visit with some old professors of mine, and I would really like to go. But this morning the kiddo was up at 5:40 a.m. for good. (Normal wake-up time is 7:30.) It’s been a long morning already.

My running goal has also taken a hit this week, as yesterday I was far too exhausted to run, and with the darkness, and my son’s decision to take only two naps instead of his usual three (which, ironically, I had decided after attempting that schedule last week, he wasn’t ready for), I didn’t get to run my scheduled run yesterday. I’ve begun a training regime on Garmin for a half-marathon, which is again, rather over committal, considering how much else I have on my plate, and the lack of daylight in Alaska this time of year. I’ve never been one to run in the dark, but I may have to try it some mornings or afternoons, as currently we have less than six hours of daylight, and by December 21st, will be down to under four hours of daylight. That’s a loss of over two hours in just over a month. The sun disappears quickly here. (Of course, after December 21st, it returns just as quickly, garnering Fairbanks nearly 22 hours of sunlight by June 21st.)

Rabbit trails aside, most of my goals have at least been maintained. Blogging has taken a minor hit, as other commitments have taken priority (i.e. son), and with Thanksgiving quickly approaching, the holiday stresses arrive as well. I have bought 0 Christmas gifts so far.

And since the son is napping right now, I must go and accomplish something else…

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