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Funny how just when you start trying to accomplish things, life has a way of getting in the way. It’s been a long week. The baby hasn’t been sleeping well, and (finally!) cut his first tooth after working on it for months. So of course he’s been fussy, and accomplishing anything outside of nap times just doesn’t happen. When he’s awake, he wants to be held, but doesn’t want to do much of anything else. Couple with me having caught his cold and not feeling well, and him still getting over his cold…then the glass in our shower shattering at 3 in the morning (very random), it’s just been one of those weeks.

Regardless, I managed to somewhat stay on task. We’ve decorated for Christmas and with the recent snowfall, it definitely looks Christmasy around here. I’ve managed to average about 1K every day on my WIP, but I haven’t written for this blog yet this week. I’ve actually be quite bad about that, and have chosen instead to focus on my WIP, as that’s the most important thing for my writing time.

My running has gone okay–I did my long run today while the baby was at his grandparents, despite a stomachache and feeling under the weather all day. As a result, the run wasn’t the greatest I’ve ever had, but I managed to run about 5.5 miles in an hour. Since the area around my house are pretty significant hills, I don’t feel too badly about that average pace, either.


This is what happens when you run an hour at 10 degrees above 0 and fail to take off your mascara. (Find me on Instagram @kelsieengen.)


I realized though that I’ve been setting overall RoW80 goals instead of weekly, attainable goals, and I’d like to set some weekly goals this time. I’ve set weekly goals in the past, and the problem I have is that I tend to overcommit myself and not allow myself any time off. I.e. I always think I can do too much. So here goes, and we’ll see how this works next Sunday I guess.

This weeks’ goals:
1. Write 7K on my WIP.
2. Finish Christmas shopping.
3. Mail off a card/gift for my grandma and sister’s birthdays.
4. Write a blog for this blog.
5. Read my Bible 7 days this week.
6. Run 3 days this week.

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