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Every so often there are weeks where you just need a mental vacation without any guilt associated. Perhaps last week’s post prepared me for this past week, as my goals got pushed out of my mind with the holidays rapidly approaching.

This past week was an unintentional break from most things: running and writing chief among them.

I don’t regret it too much. I had a couple of days of single parenting as the hubby was out of town, and it seemed that I spent the rest of the week catching up from those days. I also invited a new friend over to the house, and we had my son’s nine month well check, so it was busy for many reasons, and nap times were not spent writing or running, but driving around town and parental napping since the baby hasn’t slept well most of the week.

Now though, with the baby at Grandma’s for the day and the hubby about to step out to do some errands, I’m able to catch up on a few things with an uncharacteristically quiet and calm house: just me, the cats, and the dog.

But on to my goals:

I didn’t make my 1K a day challenge. 1K on days where I have errands to do and a baby that prefers to fall asleep in the car on the trip home, severely limits my writing time.

I didn’t follow my running regime this week, mostly due to the fact that I keep getting these strange stomachaches in the morning (which I suspect may be partly due to the new multi-vitamin I’m taking each morning). So it’s hard to muster up any energy or desire to run when you feel like puking.

I did mostly finish Christmas shopping–just a few stocking stuffers to get and one person I forgot to buy something for. Whoops.

I got my grandma and sister’s birthday cards/gifts sent off this past week, even though they were already late, at least they were sent!

I have been tapping away at blogs for this site when I get a chance, but it’s been difficult without much time to actually sit down and write.

Overall, I kept my goals pretty light in view of the time of year and the week I knew I faced. This time of year, I realize that 1K a day is hard. Especially with the “block” I’ve been facing in my WIP. But the week is over and I’m looking forward to the weeks ahead for a couple of reasons: my mom is off work for the holidays (available for babysitting!), and my hubby is working a short week this week (more time for me!), and we have good friends arriving after Christmas (yay!).

So my goals for this final week of RoW80 are to finish up my assignments for my online course (last two weeks ahead), continue plugging away with about 250-500 words a day on my WIP, and squeeze in those runs when I can. Mostly, I’m going to try not to stress about things and just get done what I can get done, because everyone’s happier when I approach life that way. 😉

It’s going to be a good week, I can feel it.

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