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Wow. Look at that, another round down.

Over the past 80 days, I’ve had plenty of time to reach goals and revise goals.

I separated my goals into writing and non-writing goals. My main writing goal was to get to the midpoint of my current WIP. My main non-writing goal was to get the house organized/unpacked.

I’m pleased to say that I’ve gotten both those goals accomplished.

Goal #1

My goal was essentially to write about 50K in these past 80 days, or edit to the midpoint of my WIP.

After accomplishing this task the other week, I almost immediately realized something is wrong with this draft.

And began rewriting it.

Thankfully, I think I know what is wrong, and that is that I have one too many characters. There are two characters in this draft that I could easily merge into one, and the book would be more clear for it. Instead of creating a murky subplot with two characters, I’ll be writing a subplot that can shine with only one. Of course, it requires a bit of tweaking, but actually not too much because both of the characters I’m merging are minor at this point.

But it also leads me to the thought that the MC’s eventual love interest hasn’t had a lot of page time yet. It’s not fair to a reader to withhold the love interest until the second half of the novel, with only a few glimpses before that. I need to scatter him in throughout, and so I’ll be padding up this draft with a few more appearances of his as well.

Unfortunately, this is the point where I always get cold feet. I begin to think that my WIP is never going to be good enough, because after this rewrite, I see so much still wrong with it. I lose heart because I’m a perfectionist and I see too many flaws.

So I’m trying something new this time. Instead of forcing myself through this draft and being unhappy with it in the end, leaving myself tons of writing and rewriting to do, I’m stopping, going back to the beginning, and merging the two characters now.

I guess I’ll call it my Draft 2.5. Draft 2-1/2? Hmm.

Goal #2

After moving this past summer and buying a new house, moving in, and trying to unpack, I was left with several areas of the house that were in various states of disarray.

Therefore, it was one of my major goals to order those areas because, at heart, if I had endless time, I’d be majorly OCD. But, since I don’t have endless time, I allow myself to be OCD in a few areas, and tolerate the other areas until I simply cannot tolerate them any longer.

This past week, I’ve stopped tolerating them. Case in point: Today the garage got a major clean-up. We have friends arriving tomorrow for a week, and although they won’t care about the state of our garage, its cluttery mess was driving me ca-rra-zy every time I saw it. So I tidied it up this morning, while the hubby was getting the downstairs ready for our friends.

It feels fantastic, I must say, to have ordered the house, and to have most things get their own place. I only wish I had the time and money to invest in an organization system. But I am seriously contemplating a pegboard with tool outlines for the garage…

Something like this:


Image found Here.

Or is that too OCD? Although I have the feeling that it’s the only way I’d get my husband to put things back in the place they belong…


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas celebrating Our Savior’s birth. I look forward to a chilly New Year filled with friends and family, and hope you do the same!




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