Well I can see that not much has changed. I’m still late to the party as usual. 😃

But I have been considering what I want to focus on this year, and how I want to accomplish it, keep track of it, and stay motivated.

Motivation really is key, isn’t it? While Row80 is great, if I don’t check in, there isn’t anyone to call me on it. It is wonderful for affirmation and encouragement, don’t get me wrong, but accountability can be lacking.

So I must be my own accountability partner for this challenge.

As my own accountability partner, I realize that I have a tendency to overcommit myself. I am also a perfectionist, meaning if I don’t do things perfectly, then I am not content with them, and thus spend a lot more time on things than necessary. These two traits combined lead to disaster.

But I’ve been considering my goals this year and how I can make them both attainable and satisfying. The challenge with attainable goals is that if you make them too easy, they are not satisfying to attain. But if you make them too hard, then you do not attain them, and then you are constantly disappointed, stressed, and tempted to give up. There is a delicate balance of productivity, I find, and that is related to deciding on one’s goals.

My goals this session:

1. Write 250 words a day OR edit 1 page of writing a day.

2. Meal plan for my family every week (or bi-monthly, whichever works best).

3. Continue my half-marathon training, and aim to not just complete the runs but also the weight workouts.

4. Edit the next 25K in my WIP by the end of this RoW80 session.

5. Eat healthier.

So, here’s to a new year, new habits, a new RoW80 session. Best of luck to everyone else!


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