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Some days it seems like it’s just one more step…either before I fall off a cliff or make it to my goal.

Thankfully this week I have been marching toward my goals and not off a cliff. Despite that, I’m still woefully late with my mid-week check-in! (More of an end-of-week check-in!) My excuse this week was single parenting it for a couple of days, and a baby with double ear infections and a possible sinus infection… Thankfully he’s a happy baby, even with infections and a runny nose that has been going on for probably six weeks.

This week I have more or less kept up on my goals. I’ve had meals on the table (meals that were planned, no less!), and I’ve managed to write just under a thousand words this week. Less than I wanted and anticipated, but sleepless nights coupled with busy days and hubby out of town has made writing time scarce.

I’ve also managed to exercise three times this week, so over halfway to my goal of 5 times this week. I haven’t picked back up running for some reason. It’s been a bit on the cool side this past week, and with the baby not sleeping well at night, some days I’ve just returned to bed as he naps. When he doesn’t sleep for an hour or two in the middle of the night, and then is up early on top of it, it’s hard to concentrate on anything during the day unless I get a nap too! Some weeks are just a scratch, and this week I’ve been blessed to come out ahead of where I was last week!

My WIP is still plugging along. I’m hoping to have a second, Beta-reader ready draft done by mid-year, and I think I can accomplish that if I pound through some more words. Since my mom takes the baby most Friday nights, I should hopefully be able to get a lot done tonight and tomorrow. I’m in the middle of merging two characters into one in this draft, and then also writing ahead of my midpoint. So I’m just under halfway through of this draft, perhaps 35-40% through it. I feel good about that, and good about the direction it’s going. I think I do need to work my subplot romantic character “D” into the first half of the book a bit more though, or else he’s not much of a subplot! (But really, thinking about it, the subplot is my MC’s romance, which she begins to have with another character “T” much prior to the midpoint, so the subplot is present, just not in D’s case! And D has been introduced and discussed, just not physically in scenes much. Ah, subplots…why must you complicate my life so?)

On that note, I’d better get off to do more writing while baby sleeps!


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