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It’s Sunday Monday again. That means it’s time to check in. (No, for some reason, my Sundays are so busy I cannot seem to get my act together and check-in those days!)

The latter half of this week remained productive despite baby’s ear infections. That’s right, infectionS. He most likely has a sinus infection, too, as his nose hasn’t stopped running since early December. 😦 Despite it all, he’s a happy baby–what a blessing!

As for my goals, I’ve been pretty much on target. I’ve been trying something new this past couple of weeks, and using a journal I was given for Christmas to log my weekly goals/to-do lists, and daily list my accomplishments. I have to say, it’s rewarding just to be able to cross something off the list in a physical sense, and also to have a daily record of what I have accomplished. Of course, my to-do list/goals this week grew to an entire page long, so I’m not sure how that’s encouraging… It’s like every thing I think of now I put on the list, in the hopes that I can cross it off, like contact the health club about swim lessons for baby A, and plan my birthday Europe trip coming up in six months, blog, write, bake, meal plan, etc. It’s a daunting list, really, but it’s encouraging when I can cross something off.

Some of those items are things I want to do every day, so I place a check mark next to them when I do it once, and a second mark for the next day, etc, in the hopes that I get the desired number of check marks by the week’s end and can physically cross the item off the list. So far, it’s working well. I am a visual person, and I like to see what I am accomplishing.

Last week I made my desired word count, averaging over 250 words a day (even though I didn’t get the opportunity to write each day). I also finally started running again. Saturday, my long run, catapulted me back into the saddle with a 9.7 mile run in subzero temperatures. It was pretty cold, I admit. I was running in goose down, and I was still cold. But I’m glad I did it–I’ve never been so frosted over, but I felt incredibly accomplished to be able to say I completed my long run for the week and did it in -17˚F. Check out my blog post here, complete with pictures.

So, although it’s Monday afternoon in my time zone, here’s to another productive week! 🙂


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