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Cold snaps lead to ice on the inside of the house windows and frosty, snowy trees. Every recent morning the nursery windows have been icy.

It’s been a cold couple of weeks here in Fairbanks, Alaska–in more ways than one. Baby and I have colds, and it’s been downwards of -30F. So staying bundled up inside hasn’t been hard to accomplish, even though nothing ever stops at these temperatures up here.

Even though it should seem I’ve had more time to accomplish my weekly goals, I haven’t. Last week was a total bust after I got my cold; this week has thankfully started better. Still, it has its own challenges. I’m waiting for those days where I have to drag my son out of bed, not have him constantly waking me up! (They tell me that day will come sooner than later…)

Since becoming a mother, personal time has become infinitely more valuable. I have a wonderful husband who blesses me with “me time” when he comes home from work by taking the baby off my hands. (How did I get so lucky to marry this man?) And I have an awesome mother who babysits one afternoon a week and usually takes baby on Friday nights and Saturdays. (How did I score on that front?) And when I get that “me time,” I have an amazing office in our new house where I can sit and get an inspiring view of THE MOUNTAIN. (That would be Denali for all you non-Alaskans out there.)


Yeah. That’s the view of Denali from my office window. How can I NOT be inspired?


Alpine glow on The Mountain. Glorious sunsets abound here in a Fairbanks winter…

So what do I have to complain about?

Well, there is never enough writing time. These days, I count my accomplishments by how much sleep I’ve gotten, if I’ve managed to clean up the house before hubby arrives home, if I’ve managed to write a mere 250 words a day, if I’ve managed to go on a run three times a week. Yeah, those simple, ordinary tasks are my goals.


Days spent outside in the snow with my wee one… He’s worth it. He’s worth every moment that I don’t have time to write because of him.

Life as a stay-at-home mom/writer seems so mundane most days. A constant struggle between wanting to sleep and going crazy trying to keep the baby happy and occupied. With fussy days and sleepless nights, it seems my writing aspirations have been put on the extra-slow track.

I have to learn to be okay with that. I’m still struggling with that, to be honest. I miss my surplus of writing time from the pre-baby days, but I know I will once again have more time to write. In the meantime, I make the most of the time I’m given, and choose writing instead of TV or other guilty pleasures.

So tell me: How do you keep your spirits up when you don’t accomplish your goals?


I may complain about being back in my hometown at times, but it is a beautiful place to live. And I am blessed to be one of its residents.

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