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Well another week has passed. I think we are finally exiting this cold and moving back to normal life. The cough has lingered, but it’s not so bad anymore.


In terms of meeting my goals, I’ve been making progress. Saturday I spent almost the entire day reoutlining my WIP and feel a lot better about where it sits right now. I was feeling a little lost during this rewrite, and needed to do this as my draft has deviated from my outline. So at the midpoint, I paused to reread and reevaluate my WIP.

It’s always about the halfway mark that I lose confidence in my stories. This time has been no exception. Usually I end up taking a breather, and sometimes I end up going back to the beginning and rewriting from there.

With this draft, which I’ve dubbed “Draft 2.5,” I have gone back to the beginning and chosen to merge two characters into one, also renamed the character I’ve merged. So it’s been a good chance to go back and review what I’ve written up to now, see how it’s deviated from the outline I had post Draft 1, and revise my outline accordingly.

I’m also taking this week to check my plotting progress up to the midpoint. I want to make sure that my plot points are falling at roughly the right spot, that I don’t have rabbit trails in the plot and that I’ve introduced all the major characters and major plot lines that are important. If I introduce a gun in an early scene, it needs to be used in a later scene. (Someone said that, but I can’t remember who right now.)

Although it seems like I haven’t made a lot of forward progress in my WIP, I know that stepping back to reevaluate now can save me a lot of time later in revisions. I want to make sure that my plot is plotted well–a reader can forgive poor writing, but is less apt to forgive poor plotting. Even one who isn’t paying attention to the “craft” of writing, will notice a sagging plot line.

This draft I am focusing on the major plot, and I plan on tweaking the subplot(s) in the next reread/draft. Although I am a multi-tasker in most of my life, I find that in writing, I tend to stick to one project at a time, and want to “perfect” that WIP before moving on.

In other goals, the cold weather has made it hard to get out, my cold, and life in general has just made it tough to get back into the groove of running. I have, however, done a few weight exercises, and some non-running exercises. So it’s not been too bad, but I’ve certainly not been as diligent in watching what I eat. That’s been a real struggle for me lately, as when I’m at home with the baby, I tend to snack rather mindlessly, and don’t choose the best of snacks.

I have been keeping up and keeping busy with household chores though, and it feels good to know that I’m keeping a clean house and things aren’t piling up for the weekend. Baby loves to help vacuum, dust, and do laundry right now, so that passes the day a little quicker! And since he’s taken to a two hour nap most mornings, it gives me a good chunk of time to sit down and write/edit/outline if I am not too tired from the night before!

All in all, it’s been a rather productive week. I continue to make a list and keep track of what I’ve accomplished, whether or not it’s writing oriented. It gives me a direction to go every day, makes me feel as though I’m productive even when I’ve stayed home all day and only accomplished laundry.


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