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abstract-medical-background_z1VY2KvOHow is it already Wednesday?

I think as I get older the weeks seem to go faster and faster, as if time speeds up in correlation with age.

Or maybe that’s just how I feel this week. Because certain hours of the day can certainly drag by, especially as a mother of an eleven month old.

This week the dog has also been sick. The only thing that can make a child not sleeping through the night worse is getting up in the middle of the night to also clean up diarrhea and vomit from the dog. 😐 Some weeks…

In terms of my weekly goals though, I’ve managed to plug along and get some things done. It helped dramatically that I somewhat caught up on sleep this past weekend, probably clocking about 10-12 hours each night, thanks to my mother taking the baby Friday night and my hubby letting me sleep in Sunday morning. I am totally spoiled. Especially since my hubby got me the best gift ever: a weekend away this weekend!

It seems rather unromantic of him to give me Valentine’s Day away, but I’m really looking forward to it, and this way he already has Monday off so that he can be on parenting duty while I’m flying home. How did I get so lucky? This guy spoils me…

So I’m really looking forward to this weekend, two plane trips where I can read, write, and do whatever I want (it’s been almost a year since I’ve flown without a child in tow!). And this weekend I get to catch up with my friends whom I have not seen in almost six months! I am seriously excited.

To get back to my RoW80 goals, I’ve done really well this week, partly because I haven’t been so tired that I have to nap during the day. Today I did lay down for awhile though, and it was probably the best choice. I haven’t written my daily word goal yet today, but I’ve gone over every day this week so far, so I’m in good shape for my word goal this week.

I’ve been continuing to make a list in my journal every day of what I need to accomplish, even if it’s just things like calling the doctor (or vet) or texting a friend about plans this weekend or changing the sheets on the bed. It feels so good to cross that off the list.

This week my main goal has been to reoutline my WIP, and I’ve made progress on that. I’ve reoutlined the main scenes, picking out the Hook, Inciting Event, Key Event, Pivot Point #1/Call to Adventure, First Half of the Second Act, Midpoint, Pivot Point #2, Climax, & Resolution. I’ve used K.M. Weiland‘s Structuring Your Novel to do this outline. It lets me know that I’m on target in terms of where my plot points are landing and if I’m set up to succeed in the second half of my WIP.

Now, I’m using Martha Alderson’s The Plot Whisperer Workbook to perform scene-by-scene analyses of my WIP. It’s a lot more work than the prior outline method, as I have to go through every scene and break it down. It’s enlightening, especially since her guidance is to outline the following for each scene: scene/summary, date/setting, character emotional development, scene goal (per character), dramatic/action plot, conflict, emotional change, thematic significance/details.

So my goal this weekend, while I have hours on a plane (3.5 each way roughly), and plenty of baby-free time, is to get this scene-by-scene structure up to date (I’m midway through my novel), and continue to write ahead in my WIP.

I also hope to read The Plot Whisperer: Secrets of Story Structure Any Writer Can Master this weekend. (I actually bought the workbook without having read the main book–can you believe that? Although I did participate in Martha’s PlotWriMo last December.)

I have also revisited my goal of learning Latin. I have been an inconsistent studier of the Latin language for years, and I go in phases of being diligent, then drop out of practice and lose what I have gained. This time, I am trying to make it a habit with 10-15 minutes a day of learning vocab, writing, translating, reading, and listening to Latin. Writing it down in my journal makes it a goal that I want to cross off the list just to say I’ve done it. So I continue to plug away. After I regain my Alaskan residency, my plan is to enroll in the distance Latin class at UAF and complete those three courses. Hopefully that will give me motivation to learn!

Well, I’ve gone on more than intended, so I’d better get back to my list of things to do and get ready to go to our new Bible study!


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