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What a week. It’s been both up and down, exhausting and exhilarating. I write this from Snohomish, Washington, what I called “home” a mere six months ago.

It’s crazy how little has changed since I left, even in terms of the people I’ve run into. And yet, six months have passed, and my friends’ kids are so much bigger than when I left!

Six months is a long time, and seeing my friends after so long apart, makes me wonder what I have accomplished in those six months. Luckily, I have RoW80 to keep me on track and keep track of those very accomplishments I wonder about.

Six months ago, I wrote a post titled “Hometowns.” It was a reflection on my move from Snohomish back to Fairbanks, Alaska, and rereading it now, I see the darkness from which I was speaking. I portrayed hope, but I didn’t really feel hope.

Do you ever do that? Portray something that you don’t quite feel?

Anyway, four months ago, I started participating in RoW80 again. I had participated once before, and dropped out after awhile (I can’t remember why), but four months ago I gave it another try, desperate for some motivation to get back into the writing life and some level of accountability, for there was no one to nudge me back into the writing life.

RoW80 gave me that accountability, nudged me into completing my goals and stating my goals. That, coupled with an online course I participated in, gave me the writing rebirth I needed after my son was born.

Over the past six months, I’ve gone from not writing much at all, to writing nearly every day, to being back into the mindset of my WIP and to checking things off my list.

Granted, this weekend has been different since I’ve been out of town and visiting all the friends I can in three days. However, on the flight here I was able to work on my WIP a bit, outlining scene by scene, and writing some.

Goals this week are:

Rewrite Chapter 1 of my WIP.
Finish outlining scene-by-scene of my WIP. (currently at 13/24 Chapters)
Memorize the next five chapters of Latin vocab.

As I head back to AK tomorrow, I plan on using my time at the airport to continue scene-by-scene outlining, and also to consider a slight plotting change that has occurred to me.

Hopefully I will get one more night of good sleep (sans baby) and be able to be alert and focused on my WIP with the last amount of time I have to work on it this weekend!


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