Lately I have been having a lot of these “I wish I wasn’t a writer” moments. And I’m pretty sure I am not the only writer to feel this way.

Writing is a grueling, endless job that never, ever stops. While it’s rewarding in itself, it is also exhausting. Lately the exhaustion has gotten to me more, perhaps with my now one-year-old getting more active and demanding.

So I’ve been thinking. And the results are ten reasons why I wish I wasn’t a writer.

  1. I would have loads more “free time.”
  2. I could read a lot more books.
  3. I would enjoy those books I read a lot more instead of over analyzing them.
  4. I wouldn’t feel stressed if I weren’t writing.
  5. I would be able to take a vacation without feeling guilty.
  6. I wouldn’t be spending every spare second thinking of ways to fix my WIP’s plot.
  7. I wouldn’t be struggling to find a few seconds to fix my WIP’s plot.
  8. I wouldn’t feel like making a meal is a waste of time. I can just snack.
  9. There wouldn’t be the eternal struggle between exercise and writing.
  10. I would probably feel like anything I have to say is actually worth listening to.

There they are. The top ten reasons I don’t want to be a writer.

*Disclaimer: I do, actually, still love writing. But it is exhausting to constantly feel like you must write for fear of forgetting something great or fear of not making any progress. And when writing isn’t your day job, then it means all your spare time is spent writing or thinking about writing or feeling guilty for having other things to do than writing.

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