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Are you a member of some of the most elite clubs of America? logo-scbwi

Come on, I know you’ve heard of them, groups like SCBWI, or RWA…known as Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators or Romance Writers of America. But are you a member? What’s more, if you aren’t, have you thought about it? Or do you have a friend who is?

2487c075e34a267a2ddca191c3ab8cf5Joining a group like this has been something I’ve contemplated for many years, ever since I became serious about my writing. In some sense, I feel like it would label me as a serious author, but then on the other hand, I fear that I wouldn’t get my money’s worth out of the membership, especially being located in Alaska as I am now. Rarely do things that hit the Lower 48 come to Alaska, and almost never to Fairbanks. (Anchorage is 360 miles away, for those ignorant of Alaska’s geography.) But nowadays a lot of things are online as well as local, and perhaps I would be able to utilize a lot of their services via the Internet. I’m just not sure, and it’s so time consuming to research all the varieties of groups out there that I have spent my time avoiding the issue entirely and writing instead.

So what’s a girl to do when she’s a rather isolated writer in Fairbanks, Alaska? I guess I join some sort of online writer’s group. I’ve tried the Alaska’s Writer’s Guild, but haven’t found the Fairbanks chapter to suit my needs. I feel almost as though I’ve outgrown it before even getting involved in it, and it’s hardly worth my time or money. So I’m exploring other groups, such as the Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association or The Author’s Guild. Suggestions, anyone?


Obviously the most well known writers groups are the SCWBI and RWA, but as I’m neither a children’s book writer or a romance book writer, they don’t suit my needs, and being a member of those would label me as something I am not.

So I put out this call to my fellow writers and readers of this blog: are you a member of a writer’s guild or association? And if you are, which one, has it been worth it, and would you renew your membership?