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Photo via Flickr.com user DncnH.

Photo via Flickr.com user DncnH.

Well, August has come and gone, and it’s gone fast. I’ve been hard at work on a few things this month, most notably two projects, and then a quick third thrown in for kicks.

1. Bernadette & the Stranger

One is a short story I wrote earlier this year which I plan to self-publish early next year. Entitled Bernadette & the Stranger, it’s an unusual piece for me in that I don’t typically write about my home state of Alaska.

IMG_5771I know a lot of people are interested in the place, but it’s “just” home to me, and so when this story came to me, I wasn’t sure what direction I would go with it. But I am surprised to actually like it, and feedback on the first two parts of it have been quite encouraging. With only the ending left to be critiqued, an ending which I am planning to rewrite, I am curious to see what type of responses I will get.

2. Spurn the Moon

The other goal I had for this month is to write about 20K in my novel WIP, with a working title of Spurn the Moon. This is the project I’ve been outlining, editing, and rewriting for the past year and a half. Actually, more than that. It was originally a NaNo novel, one which turned out better than I thought. Yet even that “better than I thought” status turned into something that needed a “lot more work than I thought.”

Photo via Flickr.com Loren Kerns

Photo via Flickr.com Loren Kerns

I’m finding that my estimated word counts almost always go long–and my characters like to take little detours down the streets of London. More on that on Wednesday’s new feature posts.

But I’m happy with the progress I’ve made in recent months. It’s nice to be out of the planning stage and back into the writing phase. Although I had a rough draft (zero draft) written from this story’s origin in NaNo 2013, it was a draft that needed so much work, after rewriting it to the midpoint last year, I decided to rewrite from scratch entirely again after plotting and reoutlining the story. I think that was a wise decision, as it’s given me more freedom to approach this novel like a fresh piece instead of getting bogged down with what I already have.

3. The Written Word Editorial Services

Maybe I should have started off with this one, because it’s the biggest piece of news I have. That said, it’ll get a post of its own shortly, and a webpage as well.

red_pen250I am in business! After years of being told that I should become an editor, I have officially gotten a business license and am, in fact, a freelance editor.

After my son was born, I took a break from critique circles to utilize my free time for my own works. I had a lot to rewrite on StM, and I needed whatever time I could find for it. Although I believe that was wise, I’m reaching a point where I need outside viewpoints, and I was missing the writing circle. (I had participated in NaNo and Camp Nanos during this time though, so I kept up with a few writing friends and made some more.) However, I found that I actually really miss editing others’ works. I enjoy working with other writers to help them develop their short stories, novels, novellas, etc.

So I finally listened. I’m an editor now.

What does this mean to you? 

Well, if you’re looking for an editor with a steal of a deal, drop me a line: writtenwordeditorialservices (at) gmail.com. I’m looking for experience, and you’re looking for an editor. 

If you aren’t looking for an editor right now, no worries. I’m still going to be around, updating the blog, and writing my own pieces. 

But don’t be afraid to send me an email, get a sample edit and see if we connect. I’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime, back to writing!