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Book Reviews–Should an Author Review them?

For the duration of this blog, I have held off on reviewing books that I read for the simple reason that I rarely have a book to gush about. But, I think I’m getting over my fear of being one of those authors that can never have something good to say about another’s book. I’ve always been hard to impress with books, and now that I’m an author, why should I be ashamed of my high standards?

But since I don’t like book bashing, I will strive to be honest and polite in my reviews, even if I was less than impressed. I’ll be posting my reviews whenever I can, planning for at least two a month, on Fridays to give you the chance to download them in time for the weekend if you want to make up your own mind!

The Kiss of Deception, Book I of the Remnant Chronicles

author: Mary E. Pearson

cover225x225The moment I saw the cover of this book, I knew I wanted to read it. So when I read the back and thought it still sounded good, I was eager to get started. I quickly devoured it. Which is why this is such a difficult review for me to write.

The author has some beautiful phrases and sentences here, as well as a wonderful twist that I didn’t see coming. It was so good that it made me flip back among the pages to see how I could have missed thinking it.

However, I left this book with a sadly disappointed taste in my mouth. It seems to be the trend that all good YA books are supposed to be trilogies these days, and, after my reading the first in this series, I fear that this trilogy doesn’t have enough substance to go the distance. This first book hardly sustained a plot at all, instead leaving the reader waiting for the next act, as though we spent 400 pages reading the First Act of a novel, only to be left off at the First Plot Point. Instead of giving a full story for the reader to sink into, the author fluffed out a story that left you wondering what the plot actually was. Is it a romance? Is it an acceptance of duty and tradition? Is it something else entirely?

While I appreciated the author’s skill in weaving a story I wanted to keep reading, I can’t say I am dying for the next book. The story was fun, it was well written and had beautiful prose, but the actual plotting could have used a bit of help. The ending left me unsatisfied and lacking enthusiasm for the next two books in the series.