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It’s that time of week again. I’ve been doing something new on Thursdays, and I’ve been enjoying sharing a line or two from my WIP.

I’ve always held off in sharing bits of my WIPs before, simply because I like things to be “perfect” before I share them. But, you know what? I’m getting over that. I’m realizing that even though this sentence may not stay in my WIP through to publication, I like it now, and I like how it came out this week.

In a way, I’m chronicling my journey as a writer, picking what I think is the best sentence I wrote this week and sharing it as a way to mark my path. In a year, maybe I’ll look back and think that sentence was awesome. Or awful. (Hopefully awesome though.) And maybe, one day, it will remind me of my voice, or where I was at this point in my journey.

So here’s my favorite sentence I wrote this week:

There was so much activity inside here, between Damien, me, my mother, Kat, the party-goers…and yet outside, it was picturesque London: Quiet, still, beautiful. The buildings had been there since who knew when? And they had survived. Survived the changes of the street, the changes of the world around them. Survivors. Stronger for the changes, perhaps…Changed inside, but unchanged outside.

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What’s your favorite sentence this week? Comment below with any favorite sentence–your own or someone else’s you came across this week!