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Thanks to a courteous fellow IWSG blogger for the stop by on my other blog post today where I discuss the writing software Storyist.

Interestingly enough for IWSG Wednesday, writing software has been one of those things that finally made me feel like a “real writer.” Writing in Word is fine, and cheap, and anyone can do it. 😉 But investing in a software specifically for the craft of writing can make you feel like a true writer and could possibly ease some of those insecurities you might feel.

How does writing software make you “more writer?”


In my experience, investing in any hobby can validate your craft and encourage you to turn it into more than a “hobby.” In some ways, it guilts you into using the purchased item just to get your money’s worth.

more professional

Writing software like Storyist or Scrivener can make you feel less like an amateur and more like a professional. After all, tools made specifically for an art are usually infinitely better than trying to adapt a generic tool to a specific craft.


When I finally took the plunge and invested financially in my writing, I began to feel less like a wannabe and more like a “real writer.” This investment was an investment in myself a way to affirm to myself what I wanted to do and to acknowledge that I was more than a wannabe.

But should you do it?

What one one writer finds useful another can find distracting, and plenty of pros also use Word. The most important thing is to find a tool that works for you and stick with it, getting the words down on the page.

Tell me in the comments below: how do you record your stories? Have you splurged on writer’s software and do you use it?