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Well, it’s nearly the end of November. So far, my cumulative word count for the month is just over 60K. That’s not bad, considering that the holidays get to be a tough time to make time for writing.

But I’ve been plugging away, and I hope you have too!

Monday: Quote of the Week (a controversial one)


Wednesday: Wrangling a Complicated Timeline with Scrivener & Aeon Timeline


Saturday: How Details Intrude in Writing


I hope you all have found time to write. It’s been a challenge for me this past week with Thanksgiving prep, NaNo, and normal life. But it does feel good to know that I’ve stuck with it and kept writing.

So I hope you have some great goals this week and that one of those is to keep writing! Go ahead and push yourself–see how many words you can write this month! 🙂 Keep writing, my friends!