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IMG_1494-0Today is Insecure Writer’s Support Group Wednesday. For the uninitiated, that’s a day where writers in the group lament their insecurities and commiserate with other blogging writers. (Okay, so maybe they occasionally post updates on their work or inspiration for those writers who are insecure.)

Even though I forgot to get my act together and write a post specifically for IWSG this month, I actually ended up writing one this week that is perfectly suited for IWSG. So without further ado, here it is.

 Why do you write? Let me rephrase that. Why do you blog? And why do you read blogs?

Have you reached a point where you keep putting yourself out there and find that no one seems to be listening?

Or are you one of those blog readers that lurks instead of commenting and liking a post?

Let me tell you something. Blogging isn’t a private act. People read it. People like you and me. Even reading a blog post isn’t really private. If you like a post, go ahead and press the “like” button. There’s no shame in it. In fact, your one little button press can give the author of that post a huge confidence boost.

So why don’t you “like” a post when you enjoy it?

You know the old adage: sharing is caring? True with blogs too.

I find it astonishing how the posts that have hundreds of views on my blog only have a couple of “likes.” Was it really not a good enough article for 1% of people to find something useful from? Why didn’t more people like the post?

I think it comes down to a couple of things.

  1. Laziness (I get it, sometimes it takes too long to enter in all your information in order to comment)
  2. Afraid to commit (maybe you’re afraid that someone will see the posts you like)
  3. Wrong blogging platform (e.g. I can’t “like” a blogger post, and non-Wordpress users can’t like a WordPress post)

Don’t be afraid to share something you like. Comment, start a conversation. Is bloggers really aren’t that scary. (At least most of us aren’t.)

Commenting ideas:

  • Respectfully disagree
  • Agree & add to the post
  • Thank the blogger for writing the post
  • Say how you found the post (or blog) helpful
  • Suggest something you would like to see covered

If all that seems to be too much, or you honestly don’t have the time, please hit the “like” button. It really means a lot to us bloggers who do this for free. After all, we like to know that someone is reading and finding it useful.

It really is discouraging to glance at your blog and find no likes or comments; it seems as though you’re just another blip in the blogosphere, and no one cares.

So why do I keep blogging? Because I guess I care enough to do so. I’ve met people through my blog and gotten enough genuine comments of thanks that encourage me enough.

Don’t worry, I’m guilty of not visiting or liking other blogs enough, and that’s something I blame mostly on my busy life as a writing mother. Life gets hard, it gets busy, it gets intense. Sometimes we can’t comment. But let’s try, eh? Because I want to connect with my readers, and I’m pretty sure you want the same thing! 🙂

Keep writing, my friends!