About Me

Writing is my passion. I love to write, and I love reading and analyzing the novels I read. I started this blog to share this passion with others of like mind.

My reading tastes are eclectic. Although my first preference is literary fiction or classics, I appreciate the occasional genre fiction or mystery or nonfiction. I pay more attention to the quality of writing than the genre or plot itself.

Perfection in writing is my challenge, and my being happy with a final draft is a rare thing. Like my novels, I’m a constant work in progress.

Contact me at scriptor(dot)librorum(at)gmail(dot)com

Find me on Twitter @kelsieengen
Or Find me on Instagram @kelsieengen

For my blog on living the Alaskan life, Denali in my Backyard, click here.

12 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Kelsie, Thanks for following FIGHTER FAITH. If you would like to receive regular updates by email and receive a free gift, come on back and join my email subscriber list.

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  2. backtowhatever said:

    So after meeting you at the nano-camp I’m glad to have detected your blog on wordpress as well 🙂 Becky


  3. “Like my novels, I’m a constant work in progress”. This is a beautiful quote that defines us, the perfectionist writers, very well! Glad I stumbled upon your blog via Becky’s blog, I am off to explore…


  4. philippabowe said:

    Hi again Kelsie – in yet another (virtual) spot! Wow, you’ve really upgraded your blog from last time I looked, it’s fab! I’m now a follower, as well as of your Alaskan blog, just had a quick look over there too, loved the description of subzero run challenges! P.x


  5. orangepondconnects said:

    Hello! I have nominated you for the 777 Writer’s Challenge https://orangepondconnects.wordpress.com/2015/09/04/the-777-writers-challenge/
    There is no obligation to do it, I just thought it was fun and wanted to pass it on 🙂

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  6. Ratika Deshpande said:

    Hi, thanks for following my blog. I really appreciate it! 🙂


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